Stepping Stones Publications ...connect with others through story.

 A picture might be worth a thousand words, but there is a rich story behind every photograph.  It is our mission to help others document their life story to share with future generations.  These narratives of celebration, hardship and especially everyday life, help leave a personal legacy:  what priorities we hold dear; what values we wish to impart; how faith has shaped our life.  We encourage you to begin writing your life story – share it with family and friends – allow it to  bring hope and inspiration to the world around you.

Products and Services Offered:

**  Personal Biographer:  After conducting a series of personal interviews, we will draft a manuscript, which will be available for your review and suggested edits before a final version is printed, either as a simple PDF file, a softcover book or a hardcover keepsake album. 

**  Writing Coach:  Whether you need a bit of encouragement and helpful suggestions to complete the manuscript, or you simply desire a second set of eyes to proofread the final copy, we are happy to help.

Classes and Workshops Offered:

**  An Introduction to Life Stories:  A group presentation that covers the basics of writing a personal life story.

**  Guided Memoir workshops:  An informal, hands-on workshop to give you the time, space, and necessary tools to develop your personal life story.

**  Private Coaching Sessions One-on-one assistance scheduled at your convenience which will provide the information and encouragement needed to complete your life story.

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